Size Guide

In order to ensure an optimal fit of your helmet you have to measure your head circumference first. On this site you will find a guideline which will help you to measure your head circumference with a measuring tape.

Tip: If you do not have a measuring tape at hand, you can also use a thread and a folding ruler.


Correct measuring

Please measure your head circumference at the broadest part of your head (above the ears), to ensure finding the right size. Below you can find a picture showing you the right position for measuring your head circumference.

If you use a thread, put down the measured part along a folding ruler and read your measurements.


ROCKWELL helmet sizes:



The shown helmet sizes are directed and refer to ROCKWELL helmets only. If you are not sure about your correct head circumference or the size you picked, please visit a ROCKWELL dealer of your choice who can advise you in picking the right helmet size. You may find a dealer close to you in our Storefinder.


Advice for trying on helmets at the store:

When trying on our helmet, use the Ring Fit to adjust the helmet to your head circumference.

If you have done this, shake your head a bit in order to test whether the helmet moves around or feels loose. If any of that applies, you should go for a smaller sized helmet.

Another way of checking: if you can fit 2 fingers under the helmet, the helmet is too big.

If you wear glasses, please test the helmets while wearing your glasses to make sure that you can wear both comfortably.

Keep the helmet on for a short while. If you are getting a headache the helmet is probably too small.